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2023 European Brand Loyalty Report

This report explores the current state of brand loyalty, what consumers find influential in cultivating brand loyalty, and which elements of a loyalty program are the most compelling to consumers. These findings are broken down by age demographic for contextualization.

European consumers love loyalty programs and are participating more than ever before, so if you’re not offering one, you’re leaving sales on the table and risking your customer being wooed by a competitor.

They of course value a discount or points to keep them coming back, but these are merely transactional and will not foster truly emotional loyalty. European consumers love all the things that make your brand unique.

Sizable numbers want early or exclusive product access, personalized product recommendations based on their self-reported preferences, communications to be on the channels they prefer, interactive experiences, to feel part of your brand’s community and brand recognition.

The heart of loyalty is not merely the cheapest price point, but a brand that fosters community, recognizes the customer as an individual, and delivers content and product recommendations that reflect this.

This report will provide you with exclusive data from over 7,392 European consumers, on what they expect from loyalty programs, the cost of getting loyalty wrong, why they have switched to a competitor and how they can be won back.