Loyalty Programs - Do they really pay off?

Why to invest and how to measure success

What are the significant business benefits of a successful customer loyalty strategy and how can you get there in today’s competitive marketplace?

Watch this discussion between three global loyalty specialists to gain insights on the benefits of loyalty and how to build the perfect business case. Whether you’re building a program from scratch or innovating an existing strategy, this on-demand video contains a lot of practical advice and examples from innovative brands. 

The discussion circles around two key topics:

Why should a brand invest in customer loyalty? 

  • How to build a business case to showcase ROI and the value of loyalty 
  • Understand why customer loyalty needs to be at the very heart of your business strategy

How to measure the success of loyalty programs?

  • Explore the different ways to measure success and the essential KPIs
  • Uncover innovative ways to collect customer feedback and evaluate program success based on member perception, value and appeal