Marigold's 2024 Global Consumer Trends Index

The latest consumer insights into marketing channels, messaging engagement, brand loyalty, data privacy and more

Over the past few years, inflation and rising interest rates have made many consumers think twice before making purchases. Global economic uncertainties have certainly had an impact on consumer behaviour, but the overall picture is not entirely gloomy for informed brands.

We asked over 10,000 customers globally about their attitudes towards marketing practices and tactics to get insights that will help you optimise your marketing strategy.

Consumer behaviour and preferences regarding brand loyalty are among the many stats you'll find in the report. Others include personalisation, messaging engagement, and data privacy, to name a few.

Here is a glimpse of what you'll find in the 2024 Consumer Trends Index:  

  • 63% of consumers will pay more to shop with the brands they're loyal to.
  • 78% of consumers say they are likely to engage with a personalised offer tailored to their interests.
  • 40% of consumers are frustrated by brand messages that fail to reflect their wants and needs.
  • 61% of consumers find ads based on indirect tracking tools, like third-party cookies, to be a “creepy” marketing tactic.
  • 14% of consumers say their favourite brand doesn’t have a physical location at all – a reminder that some brands can thrive in a fully remote environment.