2024 European Consumer Trends Index

The latest consumer insights into marketing channels, messaging engagement, brand loyalty, data privacy and more

With consumer attitudes constantly evolving, Marigold surveyed 7,343 consumers from Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the Benelux Region about their current attitudes towards marketing practices and tactics. The 2024 European Consumer Trends Index reveals valuable insights and data that will help you align your marketing plan for the upcoming year.

The results of this extensive report underscore the importance of relationship marketing for building genuine customer connections, with, for example, 65% of European consumers willing to pay more to shop with brands they are loyal to despite a turbulent economy.

Here are some more highlights from this year's European Consumer Trends Index:  

  • 78% of european consumers cite they are likely to engage with a personalised offer tailored to their interests
  • 41% of european consumers are frustrated by messages that failed to reflect their wants and needs
  • 62% of european consumers find ads based on indirect tracking tools, like third-party cookies, to be a “creepy” marketing tactic