Email Accessibility Guide

for Relationship Marketers

Almost one in ten Europeans lives with vision impairment or blindness, according to the World Health Organisation. It’s likely that some of them are on your send lists and might struggle to see or read your messages. Which brings us to the following question: how can we make our marketing campaigns inclusive for all?

Knowing email best practices is crucial to a successful messaging strategy, and along with personalisation, ensuring that emails are clear, readable and accessible is just as important. Today, making accessibility a priority is not just a good practice, but a necessary step towards building stronger relationships with your customers.

Download our Email Accessibility Guide for Relationship Marketers to find out how to enhance your email accessibility with:

  • Copywriting tips for easy-to-read content
  • Design strategies to address disabilities and ensure readability
  • Ensuring your emails are set up to work seamlessly with voice assistants and screen readers