The Consumer Trends Index 2023 Replay

Listening to consumers is more important than marketing to them. And with a looming global recession after several years of economic disruption, this has never been more pertinent.  That’s why we surveyed over 10,000 global consumers on everything from what channels they like to purchase from, why they’ve left a favored brand and how their spending habits will change due to the rising cost of living.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • When it comes to driving sales, email is the most effective channel, beating banner ads and SMS by 108%
  • Brand loyalty is on the rise, with 59% of consumers prepared to pay more to purchase from a preferred brand
  • Consumers are incredibly concerned about the current global economic uncertainty, with 60% very pessimistic about the looming recession and economic outlook

This webinar will not merely furnish you with the statistics that matter, but also the insight and analysis to build more meaningful relationships between brand and buyer at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


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