Consumers Share Exactly What Will Drive Their Loyalty in 2023

The Top Loyalty Drivers Declared By 10,000 Global Consumers

Loyalty program participation among consumers is on the rise, with as much as an 8% lift since 2022. But what will brands need to offer to attract and retain customers in 2023? The 2023 Consumer Trends Index polled over 10,000 global consumers to learn exactly that.

In this on-demand webinar Tim Glomb, VP of Global Content at Marigold, and Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty 360, review the key trends and attitudes, as declared by consumers themselves, to build better relationships and understand which offerings and channels they expect your brand to prioritize. From their expectations on personalization, what they’ll trade for their personal data, and which channels drive the most revenue, as well as a slew of loyalty program components you can use to retain, or lose your customer base.